Our Solutions

    Combining Prevention and Resolution

    Our dispute management solutions cover every stage of your transaction for optimal protection. We provide legal advice and practical industry insights for optimal business growth. 


    Our dispute management approach is a combination of pre-emptive actions and dispute resolution. This means taking the necessary corporate actions to protect your business, partners, and stakeholders in addition to effective mediation, litigation, and arbitration.

    These are the aspects that make up the AP experience in addition to strong understanding of the legal infrastructure through continuous research and development.


    Foreign Direct Investment

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of foreign direct investment in Indonesia, the need for a trusted legal partner is paramount. Don't let complexities and uncertainties hinder your investment journey. Contact us now to ensure you have the right legal support, gain a competitive edge, and seize the abundant opportunities that Indonesia offers. Let us be your trusted guide to success in the Indonesian market

    In-Depth Expertise

    Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in Indonesian foreign direct investment laws and regulations.

    Comprehensive Guidance

    Receive trusted legal advice and support throughout the investment process, from planning to execution and beyond.

    Due Diligence Support

    Conduct thorough risk assessments, evaluate potential partners, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Contract Negotiation

    Leverage our skilled negotiators to draft and secure favorable terms in contracts, protecting your interests.

    Market Insights and Strategic Support

    Access valuable market intelligence, tailored strategies, and solutions to adapt to market shifts and identify growth opportunities.


    Business Operation Support

    Strong governance, compliance, and protection are the foundation of dispute management. We act as your partner in contract negotiations, due diligence, and any corporate action to protect your business interest and provide space for growth.

    Establishment and Licensing

    Benefit from our expertise in facilitating business setup and licensing.

    Legal Governance and Compliance

    Ensure your business adheres to legal standards and regulations with our guidance.

    Business Agreement

    Advisory. Receive expert legal advice to guide your business decisions.

    Negotiation. Have your interests represented in critical business negotiations by our team.

    Contract Drafting. Safeguard your business transactions with our robust contract creation.

    Contract Review. Ensure alignment with your business needs through our contract review.


    Advisory. Guide your business growth with our strategic legal advice.

    Initial Public Offering. Navigate the legal complexities of your business's public debut with our assistance.

    Merger & Acquisition. Support your business expansion through mergers and acquisitions with our expertise.


    Dispute Management & Resolution

    While the goal is always to avoid dispute, sometimes it is inevitable. Our approach to dispute is to find the most swift, effective, and amicable resolution for the most optimal outcome as well as cost and time saving. 

    Mediation Assistance

    Benefit from our facilitation of effective mediation for swift and amicable dispute resolution.

    Police Assistance

    Receive our assistance in navigating police procedures during disputes.

    Court Assistance

    Criminal Litigation. Trust us to handle your criminal litigation with a focus on swift and effective resolution.

    Civil and Commercial Litigation. Rely on us to manage your civil and commercial litigation for optimal outcomes.

    Corporate Litigation. Experience our specialization in corporate litigation, aiming for cost and time efficiency.

    Arbitration Assistance

    Benefit from our arbitration assistance for effective dispute resolution.

    Litigation Support

    Receive our comprehensive litigation support to ensure the best possible results.