Nurmanto, S.H.



    Middle Associate

    Practice Group International Arbitration & Litigation

    Nurmanto is a proactive advocate specializing in commercial dispute, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, environmental litigation, and employment. He has assisted clients through several complex disputes. He has assisted in handling and advising numerous clients across the wide range of industries, including trade, construction, oil and gas, insurance, and financial services.    Nurmanto has developed his skill in assisting clients through several complex disputes both in arbitration and civil litigation. Before joining Anggraeni & Partners, Nurmanto was an Associate at Rosetini & Partners (in Strategic Alliance with Nishimura & Asahi), where he involved in dispute resolution cases, corporate matters, and commercial transaction.    Nurmanto holds an undergraduate degree from Parahyangan Catholic University in 2019 and successfully obtain the title of best graduate in his class. He was also the President of moot court community in his university, namely Komunitas Mahasiswa Peradilan Semu Nasional (KMPSN), and led his team to gain several notable achievements.    Nurmanto has contributed in handling several cases. Here are some of the selected cases in litigation proceedings and corporate matters:   
    • representing an oil and gas company in a dispute related to environmental law before a district court in Indonesia 
    • representing and assisting an Indonesian financing company (subsidiary of a Japanese financing company) against a former repossession agent in a dispute related to repossession activities in a district court in Indonesia* 
    • representing and assisting two Indonesian companies (subsidiary of a Japanese company) as the policy holders/claimants against an Indonesian insurance company in a dispute related to unit link insurance with investment benefits both in arbitration under BANI rules and in a district court in Indonesia* 
    • representing and assisting an Indonesian company (subsidiary of Singapore telecommunication company) in a dispute related to commercial trade in a district court in Indonesia* 
    • representing and assisting an Indonesian pharmaceutical and healthcare company (subsidiary of Japanese pharmaceutical company) in a commercial dispute related to procurement of household consumables for a social welfare project in DKI Jakarta in a district court in Indonesia* 
    • representing an Indonesia private airplane company against its former pilot in a dispute related to employment issue* 
    • handling legal due diligence and representing a Japanese construction company in purchasing approximately 40% (forty percent) shares ownership of a notable Indonesian construction company* 
      Nurmanto aspires to become a proficient lawyer by developing his skill in litigation and dispute resolution practices, particularly in the issue of employment and financing business. 
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