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Government Opens Import on Offal & PPSKI Files Material Review on Import of Meat

The government has opened the door for offal imports through Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 34 of 2016. The said regulation replaces previous regulation namely Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 58/ Permentan/PK.210/11/2015 on Import of Carcass, Meat and/or Its Processed Into the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Such policy will not limit the number of offal that may be imported. This is different from the previous regulation, which provides limitations and certain conditions on party applying for import of offal.

Although receiving numbers of critic, government considers that import is opened with the hope of providing cheap offal with good quality. Nevertheless, until the end of August 2016, there is no realization on import of offal.

PPSKI Files Material Review on Import of Meat

The Association of Cow and Buffalo Farmers (PPSKI) files material review on Law Number 41 of 2014 on Livestock and Animal’s Health (“Livestock Law”) before the Constitutional Court.

In the lawsuit, PPSKI objects on Article 36 of Livestock Law, which serves as basis for government to issue policy to open import of buffalo’s meat based on a zone (zone base) from India.

Concern of PPSKI, opening the zone base import of meat and not country base will cause plague of hoof-and-mouth disease (PMK) into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Further, PPSKI also concerns that entry of meat from abroad will cause the price of local cow and buffalo to fall that can damage local stock-farmer.